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Mental Health

Crisis Intervention Team - Mississauga

Trillium's Crisis Intervention Team offers assessments and counselling to adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis. This can include people suffering from depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, stress, and family crisis as well as those who are suicidal, or who are family members of trauma victims. The team also meets with individuals who are having difficulties with addictions and anger management, providing assessment and referral to appropriate resources in the community. The team includes both social workers and nurses.

Referral Process: Most referrals for the Crisis Intervention Team come through either the Emergency Care Centre at the Mississauga location, or through the Urgent Care Centre at Trillium - West Toronto. However, the team also accepts referrals from those in crisis, their families and friends, community agencies, family physicians, specialists, schools, etc. People can come to the hospital and ask to speak with a crisis worker.

Phone: 905-848-7495

Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week